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Aim (ClubEdit) (DEMO) Aim (ClubEdit) (DEMO)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Overall....11.2....And a half. XD

Wow. Very nice track. Inspirational I tell you! LOL. I havn't made much Trance on my new album...Of the three tracks that I have completed none are Trance. LOL. There are two DNB/Jungle tracks and an Ambient/Indistrial/Random crossover. LOL.

Even the remixes I've done havn't really been Trancey. Except Carte Blanche and my wayyy too long remixes of Armin Van Buurens' 'The Longest Day' and PPK- Resurrection. LOL.

But after listening to this track it has inspired me to get off my lazy ass and make some Trance.

So you wanna be best DJ/Producer ever? Not before I get there! ROFL.

14 hey? That is when I started producing my own stuff. LOL. I am now 18 and ready to rape the world with my music. And maybe even get some people to dance.

Also check out my original 'Belguim'. It is nice Trancey track inspired by Rank 1.

.....And back to your song. ROFL.

I love in Trance how you have a lot of synths/FX/saples playing in harmony with the melody/bassline. It is those little things that you may not overly notice but still serve to build the track aurally. You've pulled that off very well here.

The harmonies are good. Nice catchy melody. I also like using pianos in Trance. LOL. Especially in the breakdown with lots of reverb and delay. XD Teh sex!

The drums are nice. i'm liking that kick. Very sharp. The bassline is nice aswell. All my basses are either offbeat thumpers or dodgey attempts at something more Trancey. ROFL.

I reckon you and me should mix a track together...However the hell we are going to manage that. LOL. But maybe we could do parts each.....Sounds like something to do. LOL.

Catch you around.

Pulstate responds:

This isin't my best track, but thanks for the review.

LOL + ROFL after every sentence. :D

Maybe we could mix together, but not for the next 2 weeks, my new track is in production!

Great review my friend. :)

Karco -- After the Nova -- Karco -- After the Nova --

Rated 5 / 5 stars


10 out of 10 for being so damn sexy!

That piano made the hairs on my arms stand on end. Especially at 1:58. That ws so god damn awesome. Just that little bit where the key shifted up. That was the highlight of the song for me.

I'm downloading this one and your other ones o scrutanise more closely on my own music station and to use them as inspiration for my own ambient track I've been planning. LOL.

God damn you pwn at this!.......GOD! I don't know what to say...So I'm going to stop now before I spurt garbage. XD XD XD XD

Awesome job. Ciao.

Karco responds:

Hah. I'm dead serious when you say your tastes in music and my tastes in making it complement each other, because I seriously don't think I'm THAT good... =P

But yeah, the piano was a cool part of the song. I was questioning whether to put it in or not and decided it felt empty without it.

Right now, actually, I've got an EXTENDED VERSION which I'm debating with myself whether or not to upload. But if you want it via other means, go ahead and ask me, and I'll upload it someplace and give you the URL. =)

Thanks for the review. (And all of the flattery! =D)

Phantom Zero Phantom Zero

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I know it says 'Genre: Music- Trance' but I like to ignore that part, that way my mind is limited to just reviewing it as a track that should have THIS type of feel or THAT kind of progression, etc...If you get my drift. I also understand the NG doesn't have a lrge selection of Electronic genres and sub genres on offer. LOL.

When I fisrt listened to it I was thinking it was a DNB track. But then the beat faded in for the mock buildup. LOL. That was a nice effect also.

I love the feel of this track. There are certain elements that I'm jealous of. LOL. Won't tell you what they are though....Let you stew! But this song gave me a few idea I might try in my own ambient/trancey/slow/pure-awesomness track. LOL.

The idea I got from the first track, up the top, was a slow ambient/Trance track. With filtered pads, female voc, synths, echoes, etc. LOL. Something nice and soothing.

You are a source of inspiration! :P

The melody in this track is nice also. The whole track is just pure awesome. LOL. I don't want to point out EVERYTHING good about this track (I'll be here for a good part of the night). LOL.

yet ANOTHER great...Track....Soon I'm gonna have to find a word other than 'great'....LOL.

Karco responds:

This is definitely one of my better tracks... my latest four are. I'd also have to agree the atmosphere I've set up in this song is one of my best.

Inspiration, huh? Bookmark my audio page, then, I'm not planning to stop anytime soon as long as I'm getting some, too... XD

Glad you like it so much. Are those other three reviews for my three latest all yours? You've just made my day. =) Thanks for reviewing!

Karco -- Nova -- Karco -- Nova --

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Fark me....18 reviews....Thyere is no way I'm reading every one. LOL.

OH well. Number 19 right here. LOL.
A little bit of Happy Hardcore meets Rave meets Aural Obliteration. XD

The first thing I thought was that it was gonna be another slow track, but then the melody came in followed by the kick I thought 'Jungle/DNB'....Then the build up hit and the beat kicked in. LOL. That is where I got Happy Hardcore (although only slightly). Nice build-up.

I love the bit at about 1:16, where it immediately drops into the melody, then builds up again into the main theme. That was nice.

I think this track bloody pwns. LOL. The only thing that lets it down is the distorting due to bad EQing. LOL. Bad Karco! Bad! ROFLMFAO. But everything about this track wreeks of awesomeness. :P

The melody is weird but it fits.

Also at about 3:13 the song becomes near impossible to understand. LOL.

But it is still a great song. Nicely done.


Karco responds:

Hah... I definitely deserve a low clarity score. Don't be merciful there.

I definitely did put a ton of effort into getting as many people as possible to review this song... this was one of my breakthrough songs and I wanted those reviews!

Again, mixing was a big problem... I'm still learning there. I'm definitely more of a melody person... and the melody of this song isn't quite a logical one, if you know what I mean, and you definitely can't hum it, but it definitely does fit with random note patterns of madness. Fun stuff.

Again, glad you like it, and thanks for reviewing. (I really need to find something else to end my responses with... hah!)

Karco -- Aster Revisited -- Karco -- Aster Revisited --

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Death to all! :P

I liked the synth that first met my ears when the track opened. Instant gratification. :P

I also liked when the second synth came in just after the first drum intro..bit...thingy....XD

The drums are nice and the synth works for me. Some of the things in there I wouldn't have iomagined in a song...But you pulled it off. LOL. Congrats.

There are just some EQing issues that I think you already know...Just too much bass in most parts and the treble is a bit distorted because of it.

I like the drums too. Repetitive but good. LOL. The drums don't need to change much though becaue the synths are the ones holding your attention.

Thanks for another great track.

Karco responds:

You're welcome for another great track. =P Yeah, I definitely made a good choice with that opening.

Nothing else to add - thanks for reviewing and glad you like it.

Karco -- Lost in Time -- Karco -- Lost in Time --

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don't know what to say...Yet again a track that just surprises the McShit out of me. I open it up thinking 'ambient'....Hmm..I don't like ambient.....But then the track changes my mind completely...I kind of zoned out halfway through (a GOOD zoning out LOL.) and everything my vision began to swim. LOL. I like what this track did to me. Its like a drug. See? I can't even bother to write in paragraphs! This song! LMAO. It was awesome. It even inspired me to make a track like it. Nice and slow and full of emotion. I'm thinking of even putting some nice reverbed female vocals in. To kind of sink you into the zone. A bloody good track. Everything was great! The only qualm I had was when the filter on the arped bassline went low the synth distorted a bit. But everything else was great..I might listen to it again. LOL. Nice job!

Karco responds:

Huh. I'm thinking maybe my tastes in making music and your tastes in listening to music complement each other... you're giving them all 10s! Either that, or you're just a really nice reviewer. =P I bet you'd love to see what I'd be doing in a year from now. XD

Yeah, actually I have no idea what a filter is and what they do and could use some teaching. =\ But I can definitely hear what you're talking about with the distortion - it bugged me but I didn't know what to do about it. Bleh. I don't deserve that 10 for quality. =P

Thanks for reviewing and glad you like it... if you're planning on following through with that idea of yours, I can't wait to see how it turns out. =)

Project -Aster- Project -Aster-

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don't know what to say...It was.......Unbelievably good......

It seems like a handful of random sounds thrown together......But they have been thrown together in such a way that renders them beautiful......

I have no idea what genre this is.....Or if it even HAS a genre.....But I like it....A lot....

The only qualm I have with it is that around the 3:00 mark it seemed to get a little hectic. But only for a short period of time.

In some respects it reminded me of some of the stuff The Chemical Brothers pump out.

Nice goin'. Keep up trhe good work. Ciao.

Karco responds:

Hey, thanks for the review. Again, you like it that much? Hah. I'm happy you do.

Too bad it takes a lot for me to make a quality melody that I think is worth making into a song that I think is worth submitting, and then the process of making the song is still ahead of me. And now that school's back in for me... >_< Well, you won't be seeing submissions from me as often. Gah.

Oh, and... Chemical Brothers? Never heard of them. XD Either way, thanks again for reviewing.

One last thing... if anyone's been wondering about the review below this one, I didn't see the 4 before I replied. But if I had, I would have said something like, "Why the 4?"

Dark Storms at Sea Dark Storms at Sea

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This track is awesome!

When you listen to it using stream of thought, the song is hectic. BPM's don't match, synths collide, FX are glitchy.

But when you listen to the musical flow in the track from start to finish the sounds are smooth and run perfectly together.

This is the first track on Newgrounds that I have listened to that has that quality. And that makes this track special.

The quality is perfect aswell. Except maybe at the start where I think I heard a few clicks as the pad retriggered at different notes, but that problem is miniscule.

The track seems simple, but if someone were to attempt to recreate it they would have a pretty big job on their hands.

A very nice track.

And to clarify...When I said 'stream of thought' I was referring to the process of listening to a song in your head. Unless you have perfect recall, you won't listen to the song exactly how it would sound from start to finish. For example you may start off with the chorus and go straight into another chorus, then to verse 1, then verse 2, etc. Whereas if you were to listen to the song from start to finish you would discover that the order of the song was in fact Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus. But in your head it sounded correct (provided the beat and melodies were static throughtout the song)........ROFL. I hope I havn't confused you.

Nice song. Keep it up.

Karco responds:

Another review with perfect 10s? XD Heh, I hope you stick around to review some of the songs I submit after this one - though trying to think of a melody, let alone a song that tops this one has ended my daily song days. =P We'll see one soon enough. (Oh, and nah, you haven't confused me.)

1st Sidechain Compreesion Loop 1st Sidechain Compreesion Loop

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Push me.....And then just touch me!

LOL. It seems that Benny-Bennasi-style music is sweeping the world. LOL. I recently made a BB-style remix of Enya's 'Orinoco Flow'. I used the Combinator in Reason for the Bass lead.

I also used Z3ta+ later in the track for the accompanying saw lead and popcorn lead. I'll upload it in a few days when I get the net back.

A nice loop though. See you on the flip side.

DJ-Ravecore responds:

It's sweeping since 2004 when Royal Gigolos came up with their "California Dreamin'" cover.

You have to tell me how to make a sidechain preset with Z3ta+! =)

Thx 4 ya review!

equador remix equador remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars


LOL. I LOVE Ecuador! Got to be the best song from Sash to date!

I did a remix of Sash back on my......13/14th album. LOL.

This is another great remix. LOL.

10 out of 10!